About Hosik dinosaurs

Hosik Dino's is an online toy store offering a large variety of colorful dinosaurs: Diplodoguses, Stegosauruses, Tyrannosauruses, Spinosauruses, and many more! Our main goal is to help parents capture the best childhood moments of their babies and for that, we offer high-quality non-plastic toys that are 100% safe for your child. We want Hosik Dinos to be the first thing to awaken your baby's curiosity towards learning more and discovering life!


The idea of starting Hosik Dino's Store arose at the moment we realized that we were able to share the joy of happiness of playing with unique dino toys with other children.
Hosik's affection for dinosaurs made us get deeper into the world of these extinct reptiles and discover a world that we could've never imagined!
The decision was made: to create high-quality, eco-friendly toys for kids that share the same passion for dinos! We hope that our colorful toys will help you grasp the best emotions and moments of your happy child!

hovsep, 6 years

who is hosik?

Hovsep is a 6-year-old young man that is the Founder and CEO of Hosik Dinos! From early childhood, Hosik always loved to play with toys. Race cars, house building blocks, and brainteasers - Hosik had it all, but he always had a special affection towards dinosaurs!

Dinos of different colors, types, and sizes - Hosik's obsession with all those tyrannosauruses and spinosauruses put a start to a wonderful business idea of the Hosik toys store! Today, Hosik Dinos are popular and loved by the precious ones for their creativity, colorfulness and fun!

no plastic

Hosik envisions a plastic-free world of play. We were able to find eco-friendly substitutes for all plastic parts, so our toys do not contain any plastic.

eco friendly

We use cutting-edge, plant-based, biodegradable materials to create toys that are completely natural, plastic-free, and truly eco-friendly.

100% Sustainable

All of Hosik's toys are produced using non-toxic paints and materials, ensuring that no harm is caused neither to the environment nor to your kid!

About the Materials

As we've already mentioned, only 100% safe, non-plastic materials are used for the production of Hosik Dinos. Hosik Dinos are sustainable, stuffed toys made completely of recycled plush.
Hosik is taking a holistic approach to the use of plastics and doing its part to reduce the amount of plastic litter in our oceans. All stuffed Hosik Dinos are completely plastic-free, helping to eliminate over 200 tons of plastic waste each year. Linen, organic cotton, bamboo, and wood are among our commonly used quality materials.

About the Process

Once the next imaginary dino is designed and the sample is approved we commence production!
Each dino is carefully made by hand, thoroughly and independently QC checked, EN71 safety tested, and thoughtfully packaged! We believe that not only the materials should be eco-friendly, but also the process.
The manufacturing of a toy should cause no harm to the environment, and we strive to promote that culture and ideology for everyone.